Red Hill Country Music Festival is the brainchild of Gabriel Whitelegge, and was birthed out of the need to bring together lovers of music festivals, outdoor activities and recreation in one space. Fancy country music? Then this festival is the place to be. Red Hill is one of the top country festivals in Australia’s music calendar, and you can be sure to get the very best of country music.

The festival’s location also gives you the impetus to make plans for Australia’s most eclectic country music festival. This way, you not only get to listen to the pulsating sounds of this music genre, you also get to enjoy the outdoor environment. Held in Red Hill, country music lovers are treated to a refreshing setting, certainly an idyllic break from the concrete jungle that characterizes daily life.

The combination of country music and the outdoors certainly is the perfect recreational activity. If you are looking for a place to unwind, then mark your diary for the festival’s dates. Think of it as a treat to yourself, and your loved ones. To get more information about Red Hill Country Music Festival, feel free to get in touch with us using this address: Unit 1112 1 Freshwater Pl, SOUTHBANK VIC 3006, Australia.