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How to take the best photos in a music festival

photo booth hire Sydney

Other than enjoying the sounds at any music festival, the most popular thing to do there is to take endless photos. With the help of a photo booth hire Sydney, the job is made easier as there is already a machine present to take photos for them. With the emergence of social media, it is important to let people know that you were at the music festival, and the best way to do that is to post photos on Facebook or Instagram! With the help of the photo booth, snapping a photo at any event has just been made simple as well.

Some tips

Some tips for those who plan to take out their camera during the music festival are to make sure that where they are taking the photo is well lit and that the photo will turn out to be well balanced. It doesn’t even have to be taken with a professional camera, sometimes; a user can just simply tinker around with a smart phone camera to churn out professional looking snaps. The photo booth for hire in Sydney can also do the job for them, as they simply have to step in the booth and keep the physical copy of the photos.

Post away in social media

While social media helps in spreading information fast and to share photos even faster, what a photo booth for hire in Sydney can do is to immortalize the fun that a person had in the event in physical form. There’s nothing like seeing a photo in your hands, as to compared to just seeing in on a device. Festival goers can just simply step in the booth, play with the props, and take endless snaps away. Before they go inside, they must take into consideration that others may want to take their photos inside the booth as well. With this said, they should only spend a few minutes inside.

Music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza attract a lot of celebrity attendees, and this is why a lot of common folk go such events with their best fashion. Although it is close to impossible to keep up with celebrities, what they can do is to wear clothes that are at least comfortable to wear and good to look at in photos. In a way, music festivals have become fashion events as well. For photo booth for hire in Sydney, they can also showcase their fashion as a form of memento. They can even get a chance to snap a photo with a celebrity inside the booth.

Keep safe and ready

For a lot of music festival attendees, their only camera of choice is the one on their smart phones. It is important that they have power banks with them since there is very little access to power outlets during these events. Another reminder is to keep their phones in a waterproof case so that they can avoid damage. If they don’t have the luxury of a smart phone, they can always step in a photo booth for hire in Sydney installed on the event grounds. This is just a much more simple option that the one mentioned.

Before going to a music festival, attendees should know that what they should do there is to enjoy the music. After all, it’s not called a music fest for nothing! While taking the best photos is a must, the memories they should have is the ones that involve the music, the party, and most of all, the company that they are in. It’s so easy to take photos, while it’s not that easy to get an experience that a music festival can give.

Shifting The Ownership Of Your Music Concert Organizing Business

music industry succession planning

Music festivals are among the top activities of the recent times. Even the top musicians prefer the live concerts, rather than doing music in a studio. The music festivals help the music professionals to earn millions in a single show. A show can run from a single day to more than a week. Some music festivals run for a whole month but in different location. Generally, the music industry pays a lot, but only to the professionals. A music festival organizer makes the entire concert happen, since they synchronize different things that work together to make the concert successful.

Is a music festival organizer important?

In the music industry, an organizer plays the major role in the concerts held. The organizer helps to ensure that the stage is set with the right instruments. They also check that the PA is working to allow the musician to be audible enough. If the audiences will stand or sit, it is the organizer that will ensure that the platform for the audience is prepared accordingly. The organizer also ensures that the musician is on time, along with their entourage by providing for their transportation and accommodation. They ensure that everything is in place and that the concert takes place as scheduled.

The music industry and employee share scheme

It might be difficult for a musician to share their earnings with someone else. However, an entertainment company that organizes the concerts can offer the shares to employees. With the employee share scheme, the staff members can purchase the shares. This makes every employee own a certain share of the company. Nonetheless, not every employee will be open to purchase the shares, only the eligible.

Handing over the business leadership

Suppose you want to retire from the music industry, or you want to venture in a new niche, you will be required to find the right replacement. If you are the owner or manager of the business, the candidate that you choose must have the right potential to keep the business going. Ideally, choose a candidate that has a great passion for music. Most of the organizers deal with any music, but if you deal with a specific genre, choose a replacement that has passion in that genre. They must also possess the right leadership skills.

The succession planning process

The process of succession planning will be easier to manage if you plan it in advance. Do not start working on the succession planning when you have less than a month to leave the business. Doing so will not turn out successful. You can also manage the succession planning process by considering the eligible employees. Since the employees already have an experience in the music industry, the employee share scheme can allow the most qualified to buy more shares and own the company.

In case you fail to manage the succession planning and find a replacement from the outside, you can offer the share scheme of the employees to choose the suitable replacement. The candidate will most definitely have the necessary skills and experience in the music industry. For that, there might not be the need to train them further in the music field.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Magician For Your Corporate Event?

corporate entertainment

Corporate entertainment has morphed over the years, and is today an integral part of running successful organizations. Long gone are the days when professional magicians were called on for simply stage entertainment, and were typified by the characteristic white gloves and a hat. Today, the typical magician will also double up as a master illusionist. In fact, many a corporate event has been turned into a magician show, creating the ultimate form of entertainment in the corporate circles. For this reason, if you are looking forward to create a memorable event, do use the services of a professional magician.

What to consider when hiring a magician for your corporate function

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that there are different categories of magicians across the world. The different categories are determined largely by what stunts the magician can pull. Some of the most common options for corporate events include close-up magicians, stage illusionists and stand-up magicians.

The choice of magician will be influenced by the kind of event that you intend to have. A close-up magician is best suited for a corporate event that does not have a high number of attendants. The reason for this is that close-up magic is best designed for small warm set-ups. This is because such a setting allows the magician to interact with visitors as well as charm them by performing tricks using common items such as coins and pens.

Stage illusionists on the other hand are best suited for large scale corporate events where there are huge audiences. Such shows are often accompanied by props. Assistants and subs are often required to pull of stage illusion acts successfully. If well managed, stage illusion shows do make for a memorable event. Lastly, stand up magician shows are ideal for average-sized corporate events, and work best in informal settings.

Tips to help you get the perfect magic show

Corporate entertainment poses a challenge to most organizations for the simple reason that companies need to ensure that the shows auger well with their brands and audiences. As a general rule, it is best to get an experienced magician, preferably one who has years of experience tucked under his belt. In line with this, you should also check the magician’s list of previous clients. This allows you to gauge the magician’s skills, and therefore settle for the right fit.

Secondly, you should also make sure that you request for a demo well ahead of the set date for the corporate stage entertainment. If this is not viable, you should, at the very risk, request for a video demo. Lastly, always look out for the magician’s personality. The success of any magician show is, to a certain extent, dependent on the performer’s personality. Look for a magician who is able to engage the crowd and keep them entertained.

A great magician show should help promote your brand

At the end of the day, corporate entertainment is all about advancing your brand. By choosing the right magician, you can rest assured that your brand is in good hands. Use the tips above to ensure that your event is a success.

The essence of corporate entertainment is to promote the brand while engaging crowds. Hiring a magician is one of the best ways to achieve these two goals. As with any other corporate decision, there are factors that you must consider when choosing a magician. The perfect match is well worth the success of your corporate event.

Pioneer DJ Products and Music Festivals

music festival - Pioneer DJ

As its name suggests, music festival is all about good music. It is a well-known fact that good music can help bring out different kinds of feelings such as ecstasy, sadness, nostalgia, excitement and so on. There’s no denying the fact that good music can instantly put one in a good mood, which is why music is as effective as medicine!

The primary reason why people sign up for music festivals is because they want to listen to good music, maybe even discover new artists and DJs and have a good time in general. Thus, it goes without saying that if you are planning to hold a music event or festival then the first and foremost thing that you should focus on would be the music gear.

Why use good gears in music festivals?

Organizing a music event or festival does not have to be challenging. Remember, you’re halfway there when you have good music gear in place. After all, the artists or DJs that you invite in would have a better experience using high quality gears and instruments, which would be capable of producing good sound quality. Moreover, this benefit would be passed on to the audience or crowd as well as they will get to hear high quality music!

Recommended brand

A popular recommendation in this regard would be Pioneer DJ. The brand offers a wide range of cutting edge music gears and systems such as players, mixers, turntables, controllers, speakers, remix stations, music accessories and headphones.

Why pay attention to music instruments and accessories?

When it comes to music festivals, it pays to do your homework. Thus, after you’ve booked your musicians, it would be time to research about the type of instruments or accessories needed. Of course, this requirement would also depend upon the type of music you’re playing at the festival or concert.

If there’s one thing that you can invest your money on, apart from talented musicians and DJs, then it would have to be the gears. Even the most talented artists and DJs can have a tough and frustrating time playing their music if they do not have good instruments or devices. Therefore, the rule of thumb here is to not hold back when it comes to investing in devices and accessories for the musical event.

Software Programs for Managing Music

Pioneer DJ also offers state-of-the-art software programs for producing and managing music. One of the popular picks in this regard would be the Rekordbox DJ Performance software. With this software, one can prepare and manage tracks using a laptop. These programs come with GUIs that are clones of real controllers. Therefore, this makes it more user-friendly for DJs as they can instinctively and effortlessly jump in to the creation process and use the different features offered by the software.

If you prefer using your iPad instead of a laptop then the RMX-1000 software would be a better choice. This is best for musicians who want to create new music, manage their existing music or customize them for the music festival.

All in all, this is a good brand for all those looking to organize a super successful music party, concert or festival. You can count on it to provide you with good music time after time!

Country Music Festival

Are you planning to attend a country music festival this year? Read this article to find out more about some of the best festivals in the nation.

How did Country polarize the rhythm-saturated masses of music lovers? It burst through the speakers unapologetically. The music is played with no pretense. It is sad when sad is right, and it is inspiring when you need it most. Lately the genre has been mixing it up and pleasing more and more fans by adding a little more rock and roll (rockabilly) or a little more dance (techno-country). While you used to either love it or hate it, nowadays you’re sure to find a band or artist you like when attending a festival.

Every year groups of musicians band together to tour the states. After the success of the CMA Country Music Festival in 2009, the summer of 2010 burst open with more energy and even more diverse acts. Nearly every major city hosted a tour and not a single one lacked the full octane buzz that Country offers. Since ’91 the Chicago Country Music Festival at Soldier Field has been the ripest environment for newcomers to the genre. Chicago mayor Richard Daley confessed he had a weak spot for the slide guitar with the moaning pitch of steel on steel. The first year of the festival, 42,000 fans supported his love and ever since, it has been one of the biggest summer events for the genre.

Then again, watch out Chicago, Boston might have you beat. The Country Music Festival in Boston is the nation’s biggest festival for country artists. They do it best. Right in the heart of Liberal America, where most people cannot picture a plaid sleeveless shirt ever being donned, stands Kenny Chesney and a host of his friends. In 2003, Boston’s noble confines hosted the Country Music Festival at Gillette Stadium for the first time. Since then it’s been a summer staple for the city. The festival runs a tight crew between five and six big artists each year. Fans have come to expect the best in sound quality, artist lineup, and more. From sun up to sundown these bands and their wild acts rule the stage in front of roaring crowds. This Country music festival in Massachusetts has been dubbed the nation’s best Country show since its inception. The festival in 2010 hosted Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean.

Whether at the New England Country Music Festival, or at any of the other national festivals, people nationwide have shown an enduring love for the music. Year after year, voters at the Country Music Awards look back on the Festivals to highlight the best performances. Award winners are forged at their live performances at these festivals. Every year at these Award ceremonies fans of Country are reminded of why they love the live show. Don’t miss out on that feeling and be sure to attend at least one country music festival this year.